Client Showcase | Katie Schloss, Founder & Designer at Three Jane NY

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Thanks for agreeing to be our first Client Showcase at Slate! We’re so excited to be featuring you.

The feeling is mutual! I’m a HUGE Slate fan and am happy to share the love!

You’re known for so many incredible jewelry designs, one of the most popular being the Map Necklace. What inspired you to launch that product?

The idea for the Map Necklace came to me when my little sister was studying abroad in Europe and I was trying to think of a unique gift idea for her. I made a Map Necklace of where we grew up in Connecticut, that way she could have a little piece of home wherever she went.

So many of your urban customers choose their first NYC apartment as the address for their map necklace. What does this apartment mean to you?

This apartment is a room of my own. It’s the first place where I paid my own rent, where I launched my company, and it was here, inside these four walls, that I really became, and will continue to become, myself.

What is your favorite part about your NYC apartment and why?
I love the color of the foyer. It’s a bright, robin’s egg blue, so as soon as you walk into the apartment, you are instantly happy. I also place a bowl of lemons and oranges next to the door. That way, the apartment has a citrus note as soon as you walk in.

What is your favorite piece of furniture and why?

My favorite piece of furniture is my Society Social Bar Cart, namely because it’s made, with love, by one of my closest friends and inspirations, Roxy Te Owens. Your bar car is an extension of yourself. From the chocolate bourbon to the book of Vintage Cocktails, you instantly have a sense of who that person is.

So, we heard dinner parties are a thing for you. What’s your favorite thing to make (or, ahem, order)?

I love making fresh vegetable side dishes. Gwyneth Paltrow’s It’s All Good is great for that.  Here are two of my favorite recipes:

Roasted Cauliflower with Chickpeas and Mustard:

Beet Salad with Mint and Scallion Pesto:
NOTE: I make mine with shredded beets & add apples.

But when plan A fails though, Keste’s gluten-free pizza is definitely my go-to. It’s the only gluten-free pizza I’ve ever had that doesn’t taste like cardboard.

When you think of the Slate service, what 3 words come to mind?

Magical, trustworthy, and professional.

When is your favorite part about the Slate experience?

I had Slate come to clean before Style Me Pretty came over for a photo shoot of my apartment. Day 1, Slate made my apartment photo-ready. But in order for my apartment to look picture perfect, I stuffed EVERYTHING under the sun into my closet. The real magic happened for me on day 2, when I apologetically showed my Keeper the closet in question. I came back from work, and not only was that closet PERFECT, but the one next to it was as well. Slate is a company that goes the extra mile to make you feel like your apartment should be in Style Me Pretty everyday. It’s like living in a hotel room that just so happens to have all of my stuff in it!

Speaking of hotels, where is your favorite one and why?

Hands down, Villa San Michele outside of Florence. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been lucky enough to visit.

What are some of your favorite things to do with the extra hour of your life now NOT spent keeping your apartment looking flawless?
Hot yoga, the ClassPass class I should have booked, dinner with friends in West Village… the world is my oyster!
 You have a huge social following. What other some of the other designers that inspire you?

Aww, shucks! Makin’ me blush. Roxy & Inslee have basically taught me how to use Instagram, so I owe any following I have to them. I also love Loren Hope’s designs and feedCatbird is a close second.

Name one friend or colleague that you think would love Slate the most. We’ll gift him/her a full week on the house!
I’ll send the love to my friend, Taylor Ivey of Ellsworth & Ivey.

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